You may have seen and heard local band L.N.O.Y. during the last couple of years, somewhere playing background music. Maybe it was at the Chamber of Commerce Wine Tasting, at a Cruise night downtown or posted somewhere along the way during a Wine Walk/Margarita Walk night in Winnemucca. Then again, you may have experienced L.N.O.Y in one of it’s many other forms, in some guy’s garage late one night when you didn’t feel like going home just yet, and some people you knew we’re gonna drop in on a party at a friend’s house.  In one form or another, L.N.O.Y. has been lurking around Winnemucca for years.

L.N.O.Y. has just finished the recording of their fifth record, and so to celebrate, we are going to put them front and center, as the main attraction, for Music at the Martin on Friday, May 30.

Music at the Martin
Celebrating the release of “Pleas of a Scoundrel”
7:00 PM
Friday, May 30, 2014

The $10.00 tickets are on sale now at the Martin Hotel, Nature’s Corner, and Global Coffee. You can also buy them online at themartinhotel.com.

Jerry, JR, and Kirk, have been kicking around Winnemucca for their entire lives.  They grew up on the edges of respectability, seeking a more defiant, rebellious attitude toward the world.  Bands like Black Flag, Bad Religion, and Social Distortion provided the sound track for their youth, and this on-the-edge influence shows up in their own music.  Somewhere along the way they have discovered that the narratives and imagery of traditional music, folk music, what these days is called Americana music, fits well with the stories they have to tell. So they have more or less moved on from their punk rock roots, and have taken up playing acoustic.  We think you might be surprised by the result.

L.N.O.Y.  Pleas-of-a-Scoundrel

Autographed copies L.N.O.Y. ‘s  “Pleas of a Scoundrel” will be available for purchase at the show!



Nevada Arts Council Arts Town Meeting 4/7/2014


The Nevada Arts Council is launching a series of Arts Town Meetings to engage in conversations with Nevadans across the state and explore the cultural needs of large and small communities, the role of the arts in the Silver State, and to evaluate its role as a state agency.

“The City of Winnemucca and Northern Nevada Arts Council are honored to be co-sponsors of this forum and hear both individual and collective ‘values and visions’ for our community and state,” said Jean Kinney. The information gathered at these meetings, and through an online survey, will help shape the Nevada Arts Council’s strategic plan, Values & Vision, 2016-2019.

“Everyone – artists, educators, parents, elected officials, business people and concerned individuals – is invited to our Arts Town Meetings. We’ve designed them as an occasion to acknowledge community vitality, discuss local challenges and set cultural priorities; as well as to gather information to update the NAC’s strategic plan,” notes Susan Boskoff, Nevada Arts Council Executive Director.

The 2014 Arts Town Meetings are co-sponsored by a variety of local nonprofit organizations, businesses and government entities.

For those who cannot attend an arts town meeting, or want to comment on specific issues, the 2014 Values & Vision Survey is available in English and Spanish on the Nevada Arts Council’s website at nac.nevadaculture.org. Print copies are available by calling 775.687.6680.

The Nevada Arts Council, a division of the Nevada Department of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, is charged with ensuring that state and national funds support cultural activity and encourage participation in the arts throughout Nevada.

Nevada Arts CouncilNevada Arts Council Winnemucca Arts Town Meeting
Monday April 7, 2014
5:30 – 7:30 p.m.

Winnemucca City Hall
90 West 4th Street

Co-sponsors: City of Winnemucca, Northern Nevada Arts Council