Foghorn ! The Trio!
7:30 PM Thursday, June 16
$10 Tickets are available Now!

photo credit: Mike Melnyk

The Foghorn Stringband plays old time string band music deeply rooted in the American folk tradition. It’s a pre-copyright, post-bluegrass style, but the members of Foghorn put their own stamp on it. Stephen “Sammy” Lind’s fiddle and Caleb Klauder’s mandolin play tight unison lead lines anchored by the bedrock rhythms of Nadine Landry’s bass. It’s a sound that could be coming to you from a big console radio in a 1930?s living room, or an Appalachian front porch; instead it’s being delivered by a group of players from the thriving old time music scene of Portland, Oregon. Proof positive that folk music will remain vital as long as there are folks who want to play it.

Dedication to the music and the band’s sense of camaraderie marks every note the band plays, live or in the studio. Foghorn play in unison, gathered around a single mike, no flashy picking or solos, carried along by their driving rhythms and fierce determination to keep traditional music alive and exciting for this and future generations. The band’s genuine enthusiasm for the music keeps them a mainstay in the folk and old time music circuit.

Sourdough Slim Eats It !

It seems Slim was out on the slopes, shredding with his crew, when he bailed and cratered. Now he is out of commission.

That is, he was snowboarding, fell and broke his wrist. Rick Crowder, that is Sourdough Slim’s real name, felt terrible about having to call and cancel his shows, but it seems he needs to have to have surgery on his wrist this week, and will likely be out of commission for 4 to 6 weeks. Rick said this is the first time in his career that something like this has happened, and he really feels bad about letting us down.

The shows on February 26 and 27 are not going to happen.

We hope Rick has a speedy and complete recovery, and we’ll see him again on down the trail.