Willy Tea Taylor and Dylan Nicholson

Two Singer-Songwriters

Tuesday October 11th, 7PM

Willy Tea Taylor

His remarkable ability to sing about profound subjects in a simple way makes his songs a great place to lose yourself.

Willy grew up in Oakdale, California, known as “The Cowboy Capital of the World.” There, he developed a love of story and baseball, which led naturally to devoting himself as a folksinger.

As a young man he was convinced of his path after seeing Greg Brown at Strawberry Festival where years later he would play main stage in 2015. Since then he has recorded two albums, “4 Strings” and “Knuckleball Prime,” with increasing accolades.

Dylan Nicholson

Dylan is the guitar player and vocalist from the California Duo The Turkey Buzzards.  The bare authenticity of his songs sweeps up listeners and takes them on a wandering journey.

Dylan will open with a solo set then play with Willy for the main set.

Don’t miss this special collaborative show featuring two real-deal timeless songwriters.

Big Richard

Wednesday, September 21st, 7:00 PM

Bluegrass from Colorado

Big Richard is a collaborative band of musical experts driven by sisterhood, harmony, and humor.

Formed in 2021, these gals smash the status quo and deliver high quality, celebratory bluegrass shows that leave joy in the hearts of listeners.

Instrumental and vocal prowess mixed with charismatic stage presence create an opportunity for live music that should not be missed.