We wish to acknowledge the following individuals, businesses,
and organizations for their contributions to our efforts.

The Venue, and Meals for Performers:

The Martin Hotel

Accommodations for Performers:

The Model T Casino/Quality Inn

The Winners Casino

Ticket Sales and Promotional Assistance:

The Martin Hotel

Co-Sponsorship and Support:

 John Arant and The Martin Hotel

Website Hosting Provided by:

Winnemucca Web Works

Funding to Provide the Sound System:

The City of Winnemucca
Humboldt County

Construction of the Stage:

Charlie Smith

Construction of the Light System:

Richard Wilson

Additional Funding for Advertising and Promotion:

Tim and Kathy Janke

Generous donations from the audience!

Winnemucca Historical Images:

The Humboldt Museum

and for the inspiration, creation, nurturing, and instruction
in how to bring this all off:

Thank you Connie Kretschmer!