Sourdough Slim with Robert Armstrong
Friday & Saturday, March 5-6, 2010

Sourdough Slim and Robert Armstrong

During the Winnemucca Ranch Hand Rodeo

A marvel of musical ingenuity, yodeling cowboy Sourdough Slim and string instrument wizard Robert Armstrong joyously rekindle the country blues, cowboy classics and string band repertoire of pre-WWII America. A fast-paced performance of music and comedy that showcases their seasoned gift for connecting with audiences.

Whether capturing the haunting refrain of a Jimmie Rodgers blue yodel or swinging out a hot novelty number, everyone gets caught up in the fun these two cut-ups have on stage. Long time fans will remember them as founding members of two of California’s favorite acoustic combo’s, “8th Avenue String Band” and “R. Crumb’s Cheap Suit Serenaders.” Between them they share a provocative array of period instruments including: flat-top guitar, national steel, baritone and soprano ukulele, musical saw, accordion, six-string banjo and harmonica.

Sourdough SlimWell traveled veterans of stages ranging from Carnegie Hall and The Lincoln Center to The National Cowboy Gathering, Strawberry Music Festival and Prairie Home Companion, theseĀ  modern day vaudevillians capture a sound and moment in time that consistently delights fun loving music fans everywhere they perform.

“First rate entertainment. A delightfully splendid show. . . full of good time music and laughs galore.” – Diane Brinkman, Seattle Times

“You won’t find better authentic Country or Western music being played anywhere.” – David Barnes, British Archive of Country Music

“Much more invigorating than 9/10ths of the stuff you hear from the current cadre of Western revivalists.” – Ronald Lankford, Jr., Sing Out! magazine

“Good stuff!” – Dallas Dobro, Master of Ceremonies, Strawberry Music Festival

Sourdough Slim Eats It !

It seems Slim was out on the slopes, shredding with his crew, when he bailed and cratered. Now he is out of commission.

That is, he was snowboarding, fell and broke his wrist. Rick Crowder, that is Sourdough Slim’s real name, felt terrible about having to call and cancel his shows, but it seems he needs to have to have surgery on his wrist this week, and will likely be out of commission for 4 to 6 weeks. Rick said this is the first time in his career that something like this has happened, and he really feels bad about letting us down.

The shows on February 26 and 27 are not going to happen.

We hope Rick has a speedy and complete recovery, and we’ll see him again on down the trail.