The Lonesome Heroes

We are about to help the Lonesome Heroes add the Martin Hotel to their list of legendary venues, and Nevada to the list of 27 states in which they have performed.  This show will also strengthen our connection to Austin, one of  THE hotbeds of new music in America today. One thing always leads to another, and when Leo Rondeau got back home, he passed on the word about this great little venue out in the middle of the Great Basin.

The Lonesome Heroes extensive tour schedule is bringing them though Winnemucca, and after giving a listen, we were compelled to set up a show for them. We think you will really enjoy this young duo with their wonderful songwriting skills, plugged in dobro,  and their interesting “”chance meeting between Yo La Tengo and Patsy Cline” approach to their music.


On this tour the Lonesome Heroes are:

Rich Russell – Dobro/Guitar/Vocals
Ms. Landry McMeans – Dobro/Guitar/Vocals
Chris Clonts – Harmony Vocals / Guitar / Keys

Proclaimed as “rewriting the rules of alt country” by the Austin Chronicle, The Lonesome Heroes have emerged as a singular talent out of Austin’s music scene. Songwriters Rich Russell and Landry McMeans founded the Heroes in 2005, and the pair has cultivated their Brooklyn and Texan roots into a unique sound that unites Indie Rock, Folk, and Country.

The Heroes’ songs evoke a Western Americana landscape littered with broken hearts, abandoned shopping malls, and crooked highways. Lonesome, yet hopeful, the songs call upon a wide list of influences to step beyond the alt country moniker. McMeans’ lilting voice, meshed with Russell’s drier vocals sits atop a multilayered nest of acoustic guitar, reverb-laden steel, and atmospheric sounds. The result is a haunting city-meets-country feeling that has been compared by Flagstaff Weekly as a “chance meeting between Yo La Tengo and Patsy Cline.”

Not the square kind of country, nor outlaw, or even contemporary country would fit The Lonesome Heroes. Reverb-heavy electric dobro underneath a playful boy-girl vocal blend pushes the indie rock quintet into psychedelia, but not without the songwriting sensibilities of classic country.




Beck, The Silver Jews, Johnny Cash, Smog, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Wilco, The Velvet Underground, Band of Annuals, Graham Parsons, Lil’ Cap’n Travis, The Magnetic Fields, Neko Case, Hank Williams, Luna, Jan Bell, Yo La Tengo, The Flaming Lips, The Weary Boys, Patty Griffin, Herman Dune, Galaxie 500, Jolie Holland, Kris Kristoferson, The Darling New Neighbors, Will Oldham, Leo Rondeau, Woody Guthrie, Gillian Welch, Lou Barlow, Iron and Wine, Emmylou Harris, The Flying Burrito Brothers…


Rich Russell: Vocals, Guitar, & Steel.
Landry McMeans: Vocals, Lap Steel, Dobro, Guitar.


Jeff Johnston: Electric Bass & Saw.
Jim DeGregorio: Upright/Electric Bass, Banjo.
Chuck Fleming: Drums.
Sarah Stollak: Fiddle
Chris Clonts: Electric Guitar, Harmony Vocals.
Kullen Fuchs: Trumpet, Vibraphone, Keys, Accordion, & textures.


The Lonesome Heroes
play 150+ shows a year both locally and nationally. Playing listening rooms as a two piece and large clubs and festivals with their 5 piece touring band.

Blame Sally
7:00 PM, Wednesday, November 4
$15 Tickets ON SALE NOW !

blame sally

San Francisco Band Finds Unconventional Success

“…the band has the songs, the chops and the pipes to back up their tough-talking, clear-minded folk rock.” Santa Cruz Sentinel

In these strange times of job layoffs and uncertain futures, the San Francisco band BLAME SALLY is characteristically bucking the trend. Pam Delgado, Jeri Jones, Renee Harcourt and Monica Pasqual hit their stride well after the first blush of youth, watching their audiences grow and their independently-released record sales balloon as they set their own career pace and direction. In the fall of 2008, the mid-life women of BLAME SALLY signed a one-of-a-kind, five-year, three -album recording contract in the mid-six figures with Bay Area Opus Music Ventures, backed up by generous creative and tour support that enabled them to finally become full-time musicians. The ink was barely dry on the contract before BLAME SALLY found themselves in a brand new, state-of-the-art recording studio and in the very capable hands of Grammy-nominated producer, Lee Townsend, (Bill Frisell, Louden Wainwright, Noe Venable, Crooked Still).

Give a Listen

The resulting album, Night of 1000 Stars, was released in May 2009. As they have always done, BLAME SALLY uses personal and topical issues to fuel their powerful songwriting and jubilant ensemble musicianship. Whether through the anguished voice of an Afghan war veteran, the cancer survivor finding some humor in new age bromides or the woman who’s passion comes on like a summer thunderstorm, each track on Night of 1000 Stars is rich with authenticity and emotion.

A unique collective of four distinct voices and musical backgrounds, BLAME SALLY has forged a compelling and original sound that has earned the band the well-deserved reputation as “Bay Area phenomenon”. The San Francisco Chronicle raved that BLAME SALLY’s music “…recall(s) the artful romanticism of Jane Siberry, the rich folk harmonies of the Indigo Girls, and the percolating soulfulness of Joy of Cooking.” Poised for greater national attention, they’ve performed for audiences across the US, sharing festival stages with the likes of Los Lobos, Ani DiFranco, Richard Thompson, Roseanne Cash and Greg Brown.

In 2007 BLAME SALLY launched a national radio campaign covering both AAA and Non-Com stations and reached an audience of millions through XM Satellite Radio’s Starbuck’s XM Café where the band’s previous album Severland charted at number one.

BLAME SALLY is already out on the road, touring non-stop, with US and European dates booked through the end of the year.

Victoria Matlock ~ Broadway in Winnemucca
7:00 PM, Tuesday, September 8, 2009



On her way from California to New York where she will appear in the new upcoming Broadway play “The First Wives Club,” Victoria Matlock has agreed to present a concert in Winnemucca. The concert is scheduled for 7pm on the evening of September 8th and will be at the Martin Hotel. Tickets are available at the Martin and Nature’s Corner at a cost of $10.

Some reviewers of The First Wives Club have had this to say:

TheatreMania — “an impressive Victoria Matlock”

Talkin’ Bway — “Matlock has a terrific voice”

The music in the Winnemucca concert will primarily come from The Marvelous ‘Wonderettes,’ Ms Matlock’s last play. Wonderettes features popular music songs from the fifties and sixties including such old favorites as: “Mr. Sandman,” “Lollipop,” “Dream Lover,” “Stupid Cupid,” “Lipstick on Your Collar.” Ms. Matlock was a member of the original cast of ‘Wonderettes’ and appears in the original cast recording (available from Amazon).


In her ten years as a professional actress Victoria Matlock has played in numerous other productions including:
Wicked (she played Elphaba, the lead in the national tour),
Evita (National Tour),
The Full Monty (National Tour),
Cats (Grizabella, who sings ‘Memories’),
The Sound of Music,
Baby Case, and more.

In 2007 she sang the National Anthem at a nationally televised game of the Boston Red Sox.

Ms Matlock is a graduate of the University of Northern Colorado where she majored in musical theater and computer science. Like other actresses she primarily lives ‘on the road,’ but she is officially a resident of Winnemucca where she owns a home. More information about her is available on her web site:

For this performance Ms. Matlock will be accompanied on the piano by long term Winnemucca resident Jeannette Jones.

There will be time between songs for the audience to ask questions. Here is an opportunity for young people (or the young at heart) interested in the stage to learn from a professional about the New York scene, auditioning, finding an agent, education, etc.

This concert is being presented under the joint sponsorship of Great Basin Arts and Entertainment and the White Sage Theater. The text of this press release was created by Victoria’s very proud father, John Matlock of Winnemucca. John is the primary producer of the plays staged and performed by the White Sage Theater.

Organic – Type Busting – Cross Genre
Rock and Roll

The Saul Kaye Band
Music at the Martin
Saturday, December 27, 2008

Saul Kaye
Saul Kaye

UPDATE:  This show is not going to happen.  Bands are complex things.  Three, four, sometimes five creative people.  Most of them have lives, and jobs, outside of their life as a musician.

So, when Saul tried to convince his guys to make a trip to Winnemucca, between Christmas and New Years, turned out a couple of them would rather stay home with their friends and families during the Holiday’s, and we don’t blame them.

We’ve canceled the show, and we will all be able to spend more time at home.

The Groove is Deep and Satisfying

Music at the Martin
Karen Savoca and Pete Heitzman
Thursday, November 6, 2008

Karen Savoca<br> Pete Heitzman
Karen Savoca Pete Heitzman

This was it for me. Back around 1996 I’d been hearing about these little concerts from some of my friends, maybe it was Ed Kretchsmer, I’m not sure. But I thought I’d give it a try, so I went to see Karen Savoca with Pete Heitzman. I had never heard of them, and had no idea what I was about to experience, but when they launched into an long extended version of No Where to Go, , with Karen slapping that big conga drum and Pete delicately wrapping and interlacing his guitar licks around her voice, I was hooked for good. The groove they created had me transfixed, transformed, pinned down, stretched out, and mesmerized. I was in.

Their touring schedule brought them around a couple more times, in 1998 and again in 1999, but it has been a very long stretch since we’ve seen them. About three years ago, I sent them an email, and kept sending them emails, urging them to come back to Winnemucca and The Martin, if their travels ever brought them this way. Now it’s finally going to happen. They are taking a flight from New York, out to Salt Lake City, to play a festival in Moab, Utah, and have agreed to take a little side trip to Winnemucca to see us again.

We’re going to need a big, enthuastic crowd, so please get out there and get a ticket.
Tickets are $15, and they are ON SALE NOW!

Visit Karen Savoca on line.

Bio –
Karen and Pete first met on a stage and each immediately recognized the other as the ideal musical partner. Years of leading their all-original, dance-driven group imbued this duo with the power to sound like a full band, whether it’s pulsing funk or haunting ballad. Electrifying, unique, and always uplifting, these improvisational performers possess “the fearlessness of a high wire act working without a net.”

Karen Savoca puts her heart into a song the way a great actor throws herself into a role. Her supple, soulful alto is “both sex and spirit, growling and whispering the listener into submission”. Savoca is a gifted songwriter, drawing you into her world with humor and compassion, telling her stories with such grace and ease, you feel as though you’ve been invited to her table for supper. Savoca composes and records on a variety of instruments, but opts for the primal combination of voice and drum in live performance, and the groove is deep and satisfying.

Pete Heitzman’s “inspired and transcendent guitar work is central to their signature sound.” He’ll mimic a cello, a pedal steel, a rutting elk, and some things only imagined. With this broad pallet of tones and textures he paints the ideal landscapes for Savoca’s engaging songs. An innovative and sensitive accompanist, Heitzman is so full of surprises that he has been called “a human aurora borealis”. An 1890’s church in the hills of upstate New York serves as home, recording studio and headquarters for their own Alcove Records.

Notable appearances include The Today Show, A Prairie Home Companion, Mountain Stage, Big Top Chautauqua, The Vancouver, Edmonton & Winnipeg Folk Festivals. They have recorded and produced other artists, their music has been heard in movies and documentaries, and they have scored two feature length films.